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BE & MAKE Swami Vivekananda Yoga Offer Personality Development Programme for children.
Age group of 4 to 14 Years.

In modern era of life our children are extremely smart, tremendous capacity but all the energies are not channelized hence they are facing problem of hyperactivity, Yoga channelize their energy into proper manner and it evokes their hidden potentiality and it allows them to grow much better in systematic and scientific way.
This package offers to build concentration, memory power, improves analytical power, grasping power and understanding capacity in children. It reduces their hyper activity, stage fear and become confident individuals. There will be practice to improve their creative power, analytical thinking.
There will be Yoga games to build stamina, alertness, attentiveness in children. There will be story telling programme to imbibe values and the right morals in children.
We guide them, on how to behave with parents, teachers, society, the program, is focused on their entire personality development.